The Crust Station House

cover-art.jpgIt’s been almost a year since dreaming of a collaborated art project with blog friends. For many of the participants, the idea of a Paper Dolls House was abstract and questions had to be answered (even the paper sizes was a concern, it was uncharted territory).
With a team of house-builders contributing from all parts of Europe, US, Israel and Australia, our international group has in the space of the project run – started new jobs, embarked on courses and even emigrated to new countries. It was exciting to work with such a diverse range of people, friends who hasn’t met in real life, on a house that truly deserves the title ‘The House that Friendship Built.
My childhood creation was being given a new lease of life through a group of ladies / inner interior-design talents and artists willing to take on the challenge.
{Cover-art by A Fanciful Twist, more on Vanessa later}


14 thoughts on “The Crust Station House

  1. Here we go, let the unveiling begin!
    Love the cover. So wonderfully perfect!

    *emigrating to new countries* Me, me me! ;)
    Was a lovely project to be working on.

  2. once again me: that’S one idea, I like so much: having a house, where every room is designed differently. One stuffed to the brim one empty and cooool….and so on :)

  3. oh babel…. these are all so good. i wish i had time to comment on everysingle one – what a talented group of ladies, what a great idea and what fabulous colors and textures!


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