03 Bedroom

03ismoyo-bedroom-v2.jpgIsmoyo {Brooklyn, NY} – started in Amsterdam

‘I loved this project from the moment Babelfish first mentioned her thoughts about setting it up. I almost missed signing up for it, but luckily I could get in on the fun! What I wanted was to end up with a room that could be loved by anyone and at the same time would be in a typical ‘ismoyo‘ style (* pink, cute and vintage IS ‘ismoyo’). That meant there had to be some pink in it and of course a little vintage feel. The project gave us so much freedom as to what mediums to use, the possibilities and my ideas were endless. But I got very much limited by my personal situation (moving overseas and moving apartments a lot, thus having my craft supplies all over the place but mostly in storage). But my beloved computer was with me, so I chose to do a digital collage with some illustrations in it. I had to put a cup of coffee on the nightstand ’cause it so says “New York” to me, plus the fact I can’t start my day without a cup of steamy coffee. The framed artworks on the wall are scans from my personal vintage postcard collection.’


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