04 Loft Bedroom

04meshell-bedroom-v2.jpgLittle MissMeshell {Australia}
I think this was an excellent idea! I love everything to do with houses and homes, rooms and interior decorating. I’m also really intrigued by miniatures and dolls houses. I love that this was a collaboration and I think it was really exciting being allocated a room and not knowing what you were going to get. I was so pleased to be allocated the attic / loft bedroom! I’ve wanted an attic bedroom ever since I was a little girl and attics intrigue me so much (probably even more because you don’t find many attics here in Australia!), so I was very happy about that.
I compiled my room completely of fabric and used fused appliqué and hand embroidery and some other bits and bobs. I love everything to do with textiles so knew from the start that this was how I was going to make my room. I sketched my room out first after spending many hours gazing at beautiful pictures of attics and then transferred that design onto appliquéd fabric pieces, using iron on Vliesofix to keep the pieces attached to the backing cloth (100% wool felt) while I hand embroidered around their edges. I started with the room itself (floor/walls/roof) and built the furniture up onto that, finishing the room off by filling it with objects and accessories.’
* Meshell’s room is a bombardment of beautiful patterns and textures, in the way she collaged different fabrics (I’d love to see the original). I’m fascinated by the similarities between the two bedrooms : the dress-maker’s dummy and hats say that the girls would get on ‘swimmingly’ in a shared house.

13 thoughts on “04 Loft Bedroom

  1. this is just stunning!! id love to be surrounded with such gorgeous quilts and comfort!!
    it reminds me of ‘little house on the Prairie’ …gosh I loved that show!

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