10 Conservatory

10maditi-conservatory-v2.jpgMaditi {Germany}
‘I found it quite challenging to “create a room” with my photographs alone.
Because of that I did incorporate some graphics, but in a rather subtle way.
I hope everyone will enjoy my conservatory :)’
* Maditi had been very enthusiastic and an encouragement throughout the course of this project, her sense of humour helped in making this an enjoyable project to host.

9 thoughts on “10 Conservatory

  1. Oh, is this the end of this series. I love what you have done, so much in fact that I am going to feature it on my blog on Monday. Well done you for coming up with the idea and to all the people who have built such a lovely house.

  2. i loved this one! and she was so generous and sent out a set of her cards with the page. i have a couple hanging in my office and they make each work day a little brighter. :)

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