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betz-warm-fuzzies.jpgAs an avid supporter of Betz White‘s work, I am delighted to announce that her debut book ‘Warm Fuzzies’ (filled with techniques, tips and patterns for creating over 30 cute and colorful felted items made from cast-away sweaters, including cozy pillows and throws as well as comfortable hats, scarves, pincushions and handbags) is available for purchase via Amazon, or a signed copy via her etsy store.
In celebration, Crust Station is running a prize draw for a signed copy of this book, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and ONE lucky winner will be picked out to be announced on Friday 14th. Good luck!
* Update! Entries closed, thank you for the overwhelming response.


66 thoughts on “* A Giveaway *

  1. well, this is fun! I don’t believe in luck- but somebody’s name will be drawn, and it might be me…

    I’ll head over to her blog and to Amazon to check out her book. thanks for the news.

  2. I just love everything about this book and Betz. Who could possible miss with cupcakes and mocha? Please, please, pick me!! Beau-T-full!!

  3. How lucky can I get? Not even two weeks ago I found Betz’s blog by accident and loved it straight away because I’m totally nuts about felt. Just now I read her blog about Crust Station. Crust Station is also new to me, which means I am gone see and read a lot of new material. My free time will be more than filled the coming weeks. I’m really thrilled, thank you.

    Happy holidays everybody.

  4. I have been following Betz’s blog for a while now and just love how whimiscal her creations are. I would so love a copy of her book! :O)

  5. Betz’ cupcakes look good enough to eat. Even better, they are completely sustainable since they have organically grown out of recycled material. I would love to see what other delights are in her book.

  6. felt and Betz…Betz and felt…there are no 2 words that go better together. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly! :O)

  7. While visions of “Warm Fuzzies” dance in my head I would love for my dream to come true and win Betz’s Book.

  8. this is such a cool thing to do especially around christmas time when All my time is spent making things for others. This just rocks.

    take care

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