winters-tale.jpgNot only is knitting this season’s trendiest hobby, but big knits are the height of winter fashion. How about giving your armchair its very own woolly sweater? – Aran Armchair cover, knitted from New Knits by Erika Knight.
{photography by Lisa Cohen via Red Magazine}
* apple / pear jackets by jacqueline knits
* porcelain knitwear by alyssa ettinger
* mug / tea cosies by ruth cross

12 thoughts on “Knitted

  1. me too (the aran armchair in red magazine) it just looks the cosiest place in the world to sit right now : ) i’m trying to learn to knit this year so this is v inspiring for me xx

  2. although i am not a fan of how the book is set up there are a few wonderful patterns in wenlan chia’s “twinkle’s big city knits”. i just finished knitting up the incredible skirt on size 17 needles (!) and three stitches to the inch. so much fun…now i might have to make something for my red arm chair. hmmmmm.

  3. ohhh… how i would love to make a knitted chair cover!! sadly i think that it would not go well with the 2 cats :) this collage makes me feel so warm and cozy. xo

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