bag-babelfish1.jpgWhat’s in my bag?
Many of you have asked to see my work, so here’s something I whipped up (I am still learning the ins and outs of Illustrator),
any comments are much appreciated.


23 thoughts on “So…?

  1. it’s great…especially when viewed bigger! i’m all intrigued now with illustrator. may have to ask more but not til i get sussed with photoshop : )

  2. Hu, sorry I’m late. B, this is wonderful, I like how you created a handbag “in motion” with a 3D-aspect. (I can see it pop open, spitting a moleskine and some pencils to re-create itself;))

  3. Well done indeed, your grasp of illustrator is better than you give yourself credit for madam! My own attempts at the same would have rendered a bag with holes (unintended) not fit for public viewing.

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