flickr favs

flickr-favs.jpgWhat does your flickr favs say about you?

* the favs are from here, click for links

16 thoughts on “flickr favs

  1. I think my flickr favs convey the moods that I was in. sometimes they are dark, and other times they are bright and white. I love my flickr favs, lots.

  2. Some really pretty pictures here…..was wondering where the 4th, 5th and 6th pictures came from?? So beautiful, but I’d love to see which blogs or websites they came from!!
    Thanks…..and I absolutely love your blog!! I visit it every day!

  3. good choices, I love the one called ‘journey’.
    This is a great blog,I’ve added you to my blogroll as I like to share inspiration too!

  4. there are amazing people on flickr … super amazing I must say!!
    my flickr favs are a mix of friends images and those that I love because there is a sense of poetry in them.

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