Sarah Malone

sarah-malone.jpgHaving visited Catapult 07 this weekend, I was impressed by the standard of work selected from recent graduates studying an array of Art and Design courses, including subjects such as Interactive Arts, Fashion, 3D Design, Textiles and Product Design.

Sarah Malone‘s delicate ceramics caught my eye (title. Ripples in Time).
The bowls illustrate moments in the past that reverberate outwards like ripples in water.
Inspired by the way history is reflected in objects made and used by our ancestors, Malone explores the intimacy that we can have with these objects and the past that they can reveal. Through an exploration of techniques of slip casting, the artist has created extremely thin and delicate ceramics that evoke bygone era. The intricate works encourage the user to explore the hidden layers and evoke a certain intimacy between viewer and work.


10 thoughts on “Sarah Malone

  1. Beautiful, delicate pieces… I have long wished to try my hand at ceramics. Like photography, it is something I really wish I had a knack for.
    see you, grache xo

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