Innovative Fashion

fashion-design1.jpgPleated dresses by * Louise Critchley : Inspired by architecture and origami, Critchley’s work reflects her exploration of form and structure. The plain simple forms of the garments are emphasized by the neutral colour palette of the collection. Rather than using pattern cutting techniques, the artist explored garment construction through hands on manipulation of the fabric to create beautifully simple clothing.

* Marilyn Bastien : Bastien has created a collection of voluminous dresses that reflect the lines and forms of shells. Informed by the growth process of a shell whereby it builds up many layers on top of each other, the artist experimented with layering fabric to create garments that take on large and unusual forms when worn.

* Liam Evans : Evans covers the surface of his designs with a pastiche of detailed illustrations that reflect his dreams, fantasies and experiences and also incorporate interpretations of contemporary cultural and social concerns. By combining intricate autobiographical drawings with over-sized silhouettes, Evan creates intriguing and unusual garments that draw on the personal and cultural.
* Nadia Izruna

10 thoughts on “Innovative Fashion

  1. This is so neat. I wouldn’t mind wearing the cream colored dress (top left), charcoal gray (top right) or the printed dress (bottom right) on a special occasion. they look ultra cool.

  2. Amazing, I’ve never seen these, they are like the clothing version of my honeycomb lighting sculptures.I’d LOVE to be able to wear something like that – not quite suitable for pruning my gooseberries though! Ha ha, a girl can dream

  3. Wow,

    I am amazed, never though somebody would pay that much attention to my work, Thank you very much for the add but it’s also great to be able to read what some people have as comments about my dresses. To answer some questions, they took ages to sew and I did it all myself, as I was the only one understanding my madness!!! The process I went through to come up with this idea is also very interesting and brough a very satisfying result!

    Thank you once again for the interest in my work

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