Alejandra Quesada

alejandra-quesada.jpgAlejandra Quesada was born in Mexico; she started her studies as a fashion designer in Paris, later at Central Saint Martins. Alejandra’s innocent and feminine style is influenced by her Mexican heritage in the use of traditional techniques (mostly hand made), such as different types of embroideries, motifs, inspired in natural elements such as plants, flowers, birds, fruits, etc, combined to create a timeless fantasy world.
{via studiorama}


14 thoughts on “Alejandra Quesada

  1. Oh My! Beautiful dress! I’m loving the dress with the puffed up sleeves! In retrospect, I would have loved that as a wedding dress. I even love the white tights and the red mary janes! So sweet! I wish I could see the embroidery a bit closer. Now I just have to go and check out her site!

  2. that´s wrong!! she estudied in mexico, in the university casa de francia and then she worked with famous designers in paris!!!

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