Julie Krakowski

julie-krakowski.jpgJulie Krakowski is a Brussels-based French textile designer.
Her work is based on the marks left by everyday life, the little accidents such as cigarette burns and food stains. Even though the stain acts as a decoration, you can always see traces of the «fault».
It accentuates the importance of the random and the ambiguity between the worn and the precious.
In nature, the notion of change and staining effect of rust, wear and tear, and metamorphosis through changing states.
{via Florizel}

8 thoughts on “Julie Krakowski

  1. Oh, Julie is a woman after my own heart. When I was overwhelmed by eco guilt during my textile design years at college I stopped using dyes and pigments and switched to tea, coffee, soil and rust to make my designs. Mine were quite different in appearance though, more ‘designed’ because I still wanted to created pattern, words and images as I had before. Julie’s work has a freedom mine didn’t, I like the unpredictability of it and can imagine the pleasure she must get from seeing what results appear with each unexpected new piece. So organic.

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