November moon

cathy-cullis.jpgCathy Cullis, UK {flickr} is a mixed media artist and writer.
“I think of myself as a playful visual poet. I enjoy creating characters, stories and making observations. Dolls have been a longterm passion. My particular creature creations are inspired by a nostalgic englishness and eccentric delight in things handmade, domestic, ‘make do’ and absurdly fun. My collages are an opportunity to share ideas, a love of texture, colour and words.” {reminder of Julie Arkells work}

2 thoughts on “November moon

  1. Great discovery, I’m always a fan of loose threads left on work. These have a real personal charm to them.

    Re. your comment today, alas the trees on my last photo were not Scottish ones, just more holiday photo’s (everything has been holiday photo’s since the holiday). Scotland still in the grip of chill winds and quite a lot of grey skies so my trip photo’s will be brightening the blog until Spring arrives at home. Soon, I hope, soon.

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