Alison Willoughby

alison-willoughby.jpgIt’s the first day of spring, I couldn’t resist a pretty skirt
Alison Willoughby is an established and innovative textile designer, selling and exhibiting her work both in Britain and abroad. For Alison, a skirt is more than just a garment – it is a work of art in it’s own right. Made without darts, they are flat, unaffected, timeless, classic and simple; they are the canvas on which she works. Much of the inspiration for her pieces comes from the depths of the inner city: lanes, alleys, passages, streets and terraces – places that are neglected, ever-changing, disintegrating and subsiding. Crumbling walls, fly posters laid one on top of the other, weathered peeling paint, marks and stains, the kaleidoscope of colour, texture, tone, scale, shape, proportion, pattern, line and placement.


11 thoughts on “Alison Willoughby

  1. gorgeous skirts! and they all have that lovely Aline shape…its my favourite!
    hope you’re having a FAB easter!
    Greek Easter is on 25th April but we’re enjoying the long weekend!!

  2. absolutely fantastic!! the a-line skirt is my favorite thing… and it’s finally warming up here which means time to stop wearing pants :)

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