Cup of the day

cupoftheday.jpgI think it’s time for a cuppa {flickr}

11 thoughts on “Cup of the day

  1. hey there! i love cups too. had to resist from buying more just the other day. two people do not need more than 10 cups/mugs in the house.
    and thank you for a lovely string of comments this morning. :). how did you know i need a little nudge? i do. will put up a new post soon soon.
    p.s. love those red birds in your banner graphics.

  2. OH yeah! Bring on the cuppa java. I’ve not had a decent nights sleep in over 8 months! Can you say, overtired??
    The pics you found are so inviting! There is nothing a cup of coffee can’t cure :)

  3. mmmm, I think I’m going to have to have a coffee now. Even though it’s latish I just can’t resist. I like that cup second from the bottom on the right. xoxo lj

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