Etsy wedding

etsy-wedding.jpgI must be the last to congratulate grace and ac on their wedding engagement. Naturally, it would primarily be a DIY affair and all eyes are heading to design*sponge for their wedding preparations.
Check out the offerings from etsy wedding.
* Handmade wedding series

4 thoughts on “Etsy wedding

  1. This almost makes me want to get married again. After our wedding, Jordan and I both agreed that no matter what we never wanted to have another wedding. Maybe we’ll eventually throw a big anniversary party, but no wedding. It was fun and creative and I’m tempted by all the etsy loveliness, but too stressful. I will keep all this in mind for my future friends’ and relatives’ weddings. I love going to other people’s weddings!

  2. oh such good timing for this post! i’ve been in the midst of trying (without much success) to find wedding ideas/gifts for a friend. this is very helpful!! thanks a bunch! :).

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