Recycled art #4

alison-foshee.jpgAlison Foshee enjoys exploring the artistic potential of everyday materials. She uses candy wrappers and assorted office supplies such as labels, stickers and staples through the art of patterning, ‘repeating a pattern requires conscious thought and energy. It is the pursuit of perfection.
{via dear ada}

7 thoughts on “Recycled art #4

  1. Hello,

    I love your posts about recycled art! It’s fascinating. I thought you might be interested in what my husband and I create. We make small furniture and houses, little people and other sculptures from nature. We use everything in nature: flowers, mosses, leaves, roots, stones, vines, etc. We also use old fabric, papers, photographs, found objects, etc. We love salvaging beautiful and unusual things and giving them a new and magical life!
    Hope you like it!

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