Notebookism stems from our mutual love to create on paper, ‘The smell of smooth creamy paper sends our hearts aflutter. The delicate tinkling of nib against inkwell accelerates our pulse rate. We stare endlessly at the first blank page.‘ {flickr}

* Moleskinerie


13 thoughts on “Notebookism

  1. Great inspiration for me today. This is the last week of teaching art for me this year. We are creating a little notebook for summer sketching and doodles for my students. Thanks.

  2. Oh I love the row on the right with the blue covers, and I seem to not be able to resist blank books wrapped in beautiful covers, no matter how many I have – going to check these out now – see : )

  3. ive never bought a moleskine notebook – ive heard they are great to draw and doodle on…but i do love my A5 Visual art diarys – i have a few scattered around the house…

  4. I love this flickr group. So much inspiration there. My moleskine has been idle for a couple weeks, now I’m off to start doodling. thanks for the inspiration!

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