The fox and the hare

The fox and the hare [a skulk of foxes and a husk of hares], a beautiful blog exploring collective nouns (visual or otherwise) launched by Gracia, Elaine and Louise. Do hop over to show your support for this fun project.

** Lines & Shapes V2 is online: BLOCK
a solid piece of hard substance having one or more flat sides; a quantity, portion, or section taken as a unit or dealt with at one time. artists featured:
jim green, meg mateo ilasco, maditi, thuss/farrell, stephanie waddell


9 thoughts on “The fox and the hare

  1. I just had a quick look and MUST go back to read everything properly.
    What a beautiful idea and great inspiration for creative work!
    Thanks B.

  2. So happy to hear that you are enjoying this little collective noun project… coming soon, a watch of nightingales – such wonderful songbirds.

    Looking forward to my copy of V2 arriving, too. Maditi’s work looks great on the cover.

    see you, and thanks for the mention,
    g xo

  3. I too am happy you enjoyed our first couple of posts on “The fox and the hare”. Oh and I see a little bluebird named Gracia has let the cat out of the bag (as such) on our next collective noun. How exciting. xo lj

  4. Can barely wait to see what this team has cooked up! Thanks for the link, and of course for your continued support!!!

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