Ephemeral art

Taking art to the streets

1. Early Frost, Linden in Lace, by Janet Morton
2. The Magnolia Project, by Miss PenPen & Poppalina
3. Lace Fence, by Demakersvan
4. Do not Enter, by Dan Witz
5. Knitta
6. Mended Spiderweb, by Nina Katchadourian
7. Crate Tetris, Melbourne
8. Lego repairs, by Jan Vormann


8 thoughts on “Ephemeral art

  1. thank you, this was really inspiring, exactly what i needed right now!
    how do you find these fabulous things?

  2. I love every art that makes people look different onto the “normal”, being ephemeral or not.
    I especially love the fence, since these kind of fences are the most boring I know….

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