Pigmentary Portraits

Joint exhibition by artists Lisa Congdon and Lisa Solomon exploring a selected palette opens July 18 – Sept 4, at Artstream Studios, ‘In our own ways we have researched and investigated the historical origins of Indigo and Cobalt blue, Indian and Ochre yellow, Verdigris and Malachite green, Vermillion and Alizarin red, Cadmium and Realgar orange, Tyrian and Mars Violet purple, Gofun Shirayuki white, and Ivory/Bone black.

Our hope was to create a portrait of each pigment – through which we could somehow reconnect with the alchemy of colors’ past.’


9 thoughts on “Pigmentary Portraits

  1. hello lovely!

    yes, the thing I’m holding is a sort of a bird cage but just for decoration purposes only, it doesn’t even have a door. my sister in law got it from Tunisia …

    two great ladies are getting together. that is super! and you continue to have a wonderful place of inspiration over here.

    I hope you are doing well! :)*

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