Record the day

I’m often inspired by creative journaling, and the thought process behind them. Record the day includes beautiful pages embellished with her finds.

‘I’ve never kept a proper journal, but always jot things down, keeping images from magazines and scraps of whatever inspires or interests me fastened to record cards. These are usually left floating around in the bottom of my bag, occasionally deposited around the house or tidied away into drawers. This is where they rest until I come across them again and actually decide to do something about making whatever was noted down, or rubbish the thought and throw it away. With the help of my new date stamp, posting them here will be the perfect way to manage these daily scribbles and ideas, so I can browse through them at any time, rather than just on the rare occasion that I decide to excavate the kitchen table, sideboard, bedside drawer, my bag, etc!’ Jess (also check her beautiful blog | flickr | shop)


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