knottedCeltic knots – the continual looping of the designs suggests themes of eternity and interconnectedness, and knots may have been made at one time to foil evil spirits. Interwoven figures of people and animals may have represented the interdependent nature of life.
Macramé – the modern art of decorating with knots, is believed to have originated with 13th-century Arab weavers. These artisans knotted the excess thread and yarn along the edges of hand-loomed fabrics into decorative fringes on bath towels, shawls, and veils. Sailors made macrame objects at sea, and sold and bartered them when they landed.
Chinese Knots – “knot” has the meanings of reunion, friendliness, warm, marriage, love etc. In addition,”knot” and “luck, felicity” have the same pronunciation, so chinese knots are often used to express good wish including happy, prosper, love and no evil.{via}

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