Tokyo Bunnie

Tokyo Bunnie runs an art blog and a design company Bored Inc. comprising of a mother and daughter design team. For nine years, they have been “behind the scenes” creating art for manufacturers and the entertainment industry. Their bags are ultra-cute and photographed in a similar whimsical style.

Club Little House

Amy from Inspire Co. started a swap back in March for Club Little House – a gift-exchange program where members make little things for each other’s dollhouses. If you love miniatures and dollhouses, you’ll love her blog | flickr for the project with amazing links (see Grazhina’s blog and Ulla’s Doll houses and miniatures for […]

Kyoko Okubo

I’ve already mentioned her work in the previous post, but I can’t help posting pictures :) Kyoko Okubo‘s small, gentle figures are meticulous crafted from washi, the traditional paper of Japan. Her diminutive, symbolic self-portraits resonate with intensity and challenge the imagination.

Kids vintage

I like the idea of retro babies and this is one of the best handmade line I’ve seen. Kinchi is a project started in 2006 by Kinchimama, a fashion designer from the Netherlands with a passion for vintage fabrics, a love for fashion, colour and kids and the fun of recycling and preserving the beauty […]

Sartorialist Jr

The Sartorialist posted that he will be contributing to Cookie, the InStyle/Lucky-style magazine for kids and babies. His contributions is called “Sartorialist, Jr.” with the same sort of “street-style” capture, but instead of regular-sized people, his subjects will be of the smaller set.

Grace Weston

“In Grace Weston’s Toyland fantasias, bumblebees sip from birdbaths and winged demons haunt children’s sleep, all in hyper-crisp focus and candy-coloured lighting.” -Richard Speer (Willamette Week) Grace Weston is an award -winning photographer who works in her Portland, Oregon studio creating narrative imagery with staged vignettes that combine humor, wit and psychological tension. She constructs […]

Toy shopping

I think it’s time for some toy shopping, because you’re never too old for toys… *Carrousel with Seamen – Het Grote Avontuur {via Bloesem} * Schylling tin toys – Angelic Dreamz * Animated scene with automatons – Automates-Anciens * Automata – Cabaret Mechanical Theatre * German toy kitchen – eBay PS. Vanessa, I’ll trade an […]