Anna Lewis

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s! Stemming from a fascination with recording her own personal history, Anna Lewis {Wales, UK} is interested in the relationship people have with certain objects whether they be personal, religious, cultural or universal, and how they influence behaviour and belief through their material meanings (her work and studio is an inspiration).

Abigail Percy

Abigail Percy {26}, a Designer Jeweller from Glasgow, Scotland. Her handmade pieces are feminine and organic in style made using traditional metalsmithing techniques, with a vintage twist blog|shop|etsy. Look forward to the upcoming launch of her textiles and home-wares company with boyfriend Ryan of Desire Lines, later this year.

Ninh Wysocan

Ninh Wysocan grew up on the island of Guam. Her appreciation of nature was first sparked there, where she and her sister grew up swimming in the coral reefs. Ninh’s handmade jewellery designs show immaculate attention to detail and intricate layering.


Celtic knots – the continual looping of the designs suggests themes of eternity and interconnectedness, and knots may have been made at one time to foil evil spirits. Interwoven figures of people and animals may have represented the interdependent nature of life. Macramé – the modern art of decorating with knots, is believed to have […]

Nutre Aranyavanish

I love the jewellery by Nutre Aranyavanish {Bangkok}. She explores the relationship between maker, jewellery and wearers in order to encourage the wearer to engage more with the piece. For example ‘Necklace in an Envelope’ is made of cloth paper coated in gold leaf, and ‘Postable jewellery’ can be assembled by slotting pieces on a […]

Elena Corchero

Elena Corchero is an experienced fashion and interaction designer with a fine arts background and specialist knowledge in smart textiles through work on wearable technologies as a research associate in MIT Media Lab Europe Human Connectedness. Recently graduated from MA Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins, Elena has developed new aesthetics for solar wearable technologies, […]

Wall Wear

Stunning ‘wall wear‘ by Janick of Creativadoration, jewellery (Nea Jewellery) and Graphic designer (Fonetik) – Featuring metal flowers in cross-stitch and embroidery, framed in embroidery hoops (wooden new, vintage metal and wood).