Happy New Year to all my lovely blog readers and friends! May the new year bring fresh hopes and dreams like the snow cover providing a clean slate, new start. Prosperity and good health to you all…while outside, I heard a child look up and exclaim, “I love snow, thank you God!” (so cute :))

Time flies, I’ve been busy finishing off my final year Graphic Design work, almost there… Enjoying the sunshine and time with friends, hope you’re all enjoying a lovely summer.  Be back soon, will be revamping the site in the near future, miss you. xox

Happy 2009

May the new year bring fresh hope, peace and renewed energy, hold true to your dreams and may every single one come true… Thank you for your friendships and visits in the past year, looking forward to celebrating with you in 2009. Best wishes! * New Year Day recipes

Mad Tea Party

Who needs an excuse to party when you’re invited by Ms. Vanessa Valencia, the fairytale princess herself? It’s tipped to be the blog party of the year (just look at the guest list – it’s a who’s who of blogland!) The date is the 28th, so don’t delay ~ go check it out yourself…

Blogging break

Sorry for the recent blogging break, we are having major renovation work at home – hope to be back soon. The weather has been great over here, hope you are out and about enjoying the sun! Finally, congrats to Julie at Belle Vivir for her wonderful news.

‘s Baggers

‘s Baggers (named after a local fried-potato dish), the world’s first fully automated restaurant in Nuremberg, Germany is the brain-child of business man Michael Mack. Diners place their orders from touch screens and the food (on colour-coded miniature train-cars) is sent flying from the kitchen in the roof via a system of metal tracks helter-skelter […]

You Make My Day award

I want to give a special thank you to the lovely Di of Designers’ Block for nominating me for such a special award. Her sense of humour and fun is evident in her Ghost Furniture and sharp eye for unusual design, (thanks also to Paola of mirrormirror for the mention). In breaking the rules, I’d […]