Codehunters by Ben Hibon of stateless films is an astonishing capsule animé film by the UK-based director, aided by Glasgow-based Axis Animation. “The port city of Lhek is on the brink of collapse. A Pacific Rim state in a not too distant Asian future with no borders, no meaningful government and little law and order…” […]

Kate Nash

Kate‘s first love was acting and she made moves to start a career in acting but was rejected. In the days after her rejection she fell down a flight of stairs, breaking her foot. During her recovery Nash was unable to move and found solace in songwriting. She began to write some new songs, finished […]

The Cave of The Yellow Dog

The Cave of the Yellow Dog (trailer) is a moving Mongolian film that deals with the issues of family, loyalty and reincarnation. When a young girl returns home with a dog she’s found, she’s unaware of the impact this seemingly helpless creature will have upon her family. Filmmaker Byambasuren Davaa say of his movie, “What […]

Carolina Melis

The constant migrations are part of a path more and more artists decide to follow. Carolina Melis herself left her native Sardinia more than ten years ago to continue her dance and choreography studies in the United Kingdom. During this personal journey, the young director develops an interest in animation and illustration, filled with a […]


I am in love with Joanna’s (Kent, UK) web-blog Atelier455 about design and style with a vintage twist. She works as a freelance web-consultant while inspiring us with her cool vintage finds. (image for my link-tree)

Daisy de Villeneuve

A quirky, childlike imagination flows through the colourful books and felt-tip illustrations of Daisy de Villeneuve (1975, London). Although her illustration style is not something that would normally attract my attention, I do however love her eclectic flat in Southwest London’s Lavender Hill. Her living space and studio is full of old things which she […]

What You Make It

Melissa Stajda a Freelance Artist/Crafter/Web-Designer from Carolina has published an art-zine to promote the work of talented crafters and artists. The debut issue features interviews with Janice Headley of ‘Copacetique‘ for the cutest vintage clothes and delightful handmade goods. Tricia Royal of ‘Wardrobe Remix‘ (Flickr)- full of fun-loving individuals with cool fashion sense. Be inspired […]