Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed the ‘house viewing’, do stay for a cup of tea… Thank you so much for all your response and lovely comments on the project, I’m delighted with the results {bigger images via flickr}. A special thanks to the participants whose rooms have exceeded all my expectations (every one so beautiful and […]

10 Conservatory

Maditi {Germany} ‘I found it quite challenging to “create a room” with my photographs alone. Because of that I did incorporate some graphics, but in a rather subtle way. I hope everyone will enjoy my conservatory :)’ * Maditi had been very enthusiastic and an encouragement throughout the course of this project, her sense of […]

09 Basement

Babelfish {United Kingdom} ‘At first, the Basement posed a difficult challenge – how do people utilise such a space? The idea was planted when a fellow house-builder directed me to Amir Fallah’s fort series. I realised that this room could be anything I wanted it to be…so I set out giving the room a fantasy […]

08 Craft room

Vanessa Valencia {Tucson, Arizona} ‘The project was fun. I love doing collage and sitting in a cozy spot to cut fun pictures out. I loved my room. My biggest hurdle was with the size… (I still don’t know if I got it right. I sure hope so) All in all, it was fun and it […]

06 Nursery

Kelly Kilmer {Los Angeles, CA} ‘The project did push me as I usually don’t work “Theme wise“. I did have fun creating a room that I thought any young child would love and enjoy-soft but playful colors and some fun toys, too!’ * Kelly is a mixed-media artist and teacher, her work has been an […]

05 Dressing room

Risa Friedman {Denver, Colorado, US} – {but room was constructed in Quito, Ecuador} ‘I had fun putting together my room. It was challenging, as I do not have a lot of experience with perspective. I tried to make my room very feminine. I was going for a traditional Victorian style room with a few twists. […]

04 Loft Bedroom

Little MissMeshell {Australia} ‘I think this was an excellent idea! I love everything to do with houses and homes, rooms and interior decorating. I’m also really intrigued by miniatures and dolls houses. I love that this was a collaboration and I think it was really exciting being allocated a room and not knowing what you […]

03 Bedroom

Ismoyo {Brooklyn, NY} – started in Amsterdam ‘I loved this project from the moment Babelfish first mentioned her thoughts about setting it up. I almost missed signing up for it, but luckily I could get in on the fun! What I wanted was to end up with a room that could be loved by anyone […]

02 Kitchen

Anastasia Christou {Australia} ‘I was really excited to get the kitchen. I wanted to create a cosy room with a bit of retro kitsch thrown in. I ended up doing it in a collage style using cardstock and pretty papers. I drew the plan out in pencil and then cut out the shapes and glued […]