01 Living room

Ulla Norup Milbrath {Northern California, US} ‘I wanted to make a fantasy living room, as if one were living in the midst of a forest. I have always wanted to have the luxuries of daily living, but also the fantasy of living in a fairy-tale. It was really fun to find items like furniture and […]

The Crust Station House

It’s been almost a year since dreaming of a collaborated art project with blog friends. For many of the participants, the idea of a Paper Dolls House was abstract and questions had to be answered (even the paper sizes was a concern, it was uncharted territory). With a team of house-builders contributing from all parts […]

Travelling Journals

Uschi of Papierwelt, Germany is calling for participants for an exciting travelling journals project after being inspired by Rediscover your Creativity (12 people each start a journal using any medium to create something about their part of the world, the way they live, the art they do, the things they like etc. After one month, […]

The Paper Crane Project

Eshu of abstract the day launched The Paper Crane Project, where she is undertaking the mammoth task of folding 1000 paper cranes for sending off to 1000 people. The original idea behind the paper cranes can be found here. Every recipient takes a picture of their crane which will eventually be compiled in an installation […]

Project unveiling

The idea for this project began last year after I posted about the paper dolls house I made while still at school. Since we are all interior design magazine lovers, I hope this collaborated project can bring blog friends closer by creating a platform for people to be able to ‘visit’ each other literally at […]

Inspiring Projects

I’ve been meaning to post about the various projects around blogland for some time, I love Projects, and I’m amazed by people’s creativity, imagination and ideas that are a constant source of food for the soul. ♥ The amazing idea behind 3191: stephanie and mav – a year of mornings ♥ Documentary Project: shari and […]

21-Day Challenge

Rhonna Farrer {dreamy} runs a continuous project 21 Day Challenge based on the theory that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. The concept of using art and commitment is a great idea and could be life-changing (images taken from ArtsyMama‘s challenge on Mindfulness).

DIY Twin Challenge

Crafter‘s #9 challenge was to craft a doll that is a replica of yourself and shows who you are and your style. (The final vote count: (first) Tiniest Ysolda, (second) Inner Spring, (third) 30 Year Retrospective 2-D Me! The story behind ‘Inner Spring’ is especially moving-low self esteem made the challenge difficult for olenka realising […]