Paul Barbera

paul-barberaPaul Barbera was born in Melbourne, Australia. Paul works between Melbourne and Amsterdam, also living in various locales that include Berlin, Prague, Singapore and Rome. Working on advertising and editorial work while also expanding into new projects that include books and exhibitions

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I’ve been wanting to start a scrapbook for some time (a diary of sorts), but the kits and materials are overwhelming, so where do I start? One thing for sure, inspiration is everywhere. Check Mandi’s work from Ohio, a 20 something paper loving, thrift hunting, picture taking, beauty finding, healthy living, simple yet complicating girl [blogflickr, home].
Other inspiration: NotPaper
Emma Cassi * Marieke Berghuis * Record the day *

Anna Lewis

anna-lewisHope you had a wonderful Valentine’s!
Stemming from a fascination with recording her own personal history, Anna Lewis {Wales, UK} is interested in the relationship people have with certain objects whether they be personal, religious, cultural or universal, and how they influence behaviour and belief through their material meanings (her work and studio is an inspiration).

Studio Mela

studio-melaStudio Mela‘s posters contain motivational quotes rendered in beautifully styled typography with the tagline ‘surround yourself in positivity‘ – The artist from Minnesota, is a firm believer in affordable art and believes that every single person should have one piece in their house that makes them smile.

Eunsuk Hur

eunsuk-hurEunsuk Hur graduated from central Saint Martins with a degree in MA Design for Textile Futures in 2009.
She is looking to push the boundaries of fashion and interior design by exploring different materials and approaches using an interchangeable modular system of textile pieces that can be put together in a variety of ways allowing the user freedom to create different outfits that are emotionally durable and multifunctional.{via id textile}

Erica Tanov

erica-tanovsubtle. soft. beautiful. clean. pure
‘in the sometimes hectic world of design-store owner-mom, erica manages to remain calm and keep things in perspective. the quiet gracefulness that she brings to her life and her work serves as a reminder; take time to savor things, but don’t get too attached’.