furla.jpg The Furla family legacy began 77 years ago when Aldo Furlanetto started his business as a trader in accessories. In the 70’s Aldo’s children took over the business and decided to develop the Furla brand internationally. They created the Furla collection of luxury accessories including handbags, small leather goods, jewelry, belts, watches, scarves, hats, gloves, sunglasses and most recently footwear. Based on elegance and femininity, and techno-artisanal details, the Furla handcrafted Italian brand is known for its affordable luxury.


7 thoughts on “Furla

  1. i love furla! i think their products are just simple but elegant and beautiful. i hate luxurious products that are too bling-bling, but furla is just right. less is more!

  2. Those fish bags are pretty cute. Did you ever watch Sex in the City? They remind me of the sparkely swan bag she had in that show, although I acutally like these, they are all pretty cool.

    I’m sorry I haven’t commented in a while, I have been visiting, just have been too lazy to type :)

  3. i first discovered furla on my trip to italy in 2000. i was going to treat myself to a prada but didn’t like the designs they offered at the store but when i went to furla there was one that caught my eye and so i bought that one (it was also a lot cheper than the prada i was going to buy).

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