Liselotte Watkins

liselotte-watkins.jpgI love Liselotte Watkin‘s gorgeous fashion illustrations, the amazing use of patterns and colours in her line drawings, created using an outline on transparent paper with a special kind of pen ordered by the box load from Japan. The coloring is done in Photoshop (animation)

9 thoughts on “Liselotte Watkins

  1. I’m a fashion designer and really interested in your work. I really liked it and hope you to best success :)

  2. Liselotte’s work is fabulous and fairy tale like….I adore it !It has been a great inspiration to me and my work.Check my stuff out at Glimpseonline.keep inspiring us all,we need this sort of colour and beauty in our often drab world.Love and Best wishes FeeFee Lovekin

  3. I love your work so much! I only just discovered your artwork now and it is amazing and I am so inspired! I really like the use of bright colour and line in the illustrations. So beautiful!

  4. Very awesome work! Isn’t the top right corner woman the one in The Concretes music video “You Can’t Hurry Love”? I always loved the work in that music video!

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