Can Hate be good?

honda-diesel-new.jpgEvery so often, a visually attractive advert comes out and sticks in people’s minds. The “Grrr” commercial launched Honda’s first-ever diesel engine using graphics similar to Fiona Hewitt’s style. The beautiful world of Hate, made up of lush green rolling hills, populated by fluffy bunnies, penguins and flamingos is invaded by flying dirty, spluttering, coughing, diesel engines. The engines reap havoc on the tranquil place. However, the animals get angry and get even. They use their hate for good, ganging up against the engines. The creatures bash them with baseball bats and mallets and blow them up with carrot tipped heat-seeking arrows. They destroy every last one. In a grand finale the new Honda diesel engine is introduced.
Watch it here: Flash | Quicktime

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