15 thoughts on “Oh! Miss Flower

  1. After what seems an age I am back in the fold.
    New website DONE
    New collaboration DONE
    and at last a post telling everyone who I have been collaborating with. If you have a nosey gene, as I have, then pop over and see.

  2. I am so glad that you are back! I have saved your blog to my favorites a long time ago because I like how you bring a piece of inspiration and briefly talk about it. I will start checking your blog more often now :)

  3. Well, its gorgeus!!! I like it so much!!!
    I just to know your blog and I think its fantastic your post.
    Always you write things very creative, congratulations.
    Sorry but my english it´s no good ;D
    Regards from Madrid..♥♥..

  4. u30a2u30d5u30a3u30eau30a8u30a4u30c8u3067u7a3cu3050u306au3089u30d6u30edu30b0u30a2u30d5u30a3u30eau30a8u30a4u30c8u304cu7c21u5358uff01u6642u9593u304cu306au3044u3042u306au305fu306bu30d4u30c3u30bfu30eau306eu30b5u30a4u30c9u30d3u30b8u30cdu30b9u3067u3059u91e3u308au306eu3053u3068u306au3089u30dcu30afu306eu91e3u679cu3002u91e3u308au5834u3001u91e3u5177u60c5u5831u306au3069u306eu307bu304bu3001u7121u6599u4f1au54e1u767bu9332u304bu3089u81eau6162u306eu91e3u308au60c5u5831u3082u6295u7a3fu53efu80fdu3002 Click http://link.mx/hool081945

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