FRUiTs: Shoichi Aoki

I am a fan of Japanese pop-culture and there is nothing more representative of the wacky lifestyle than seen on the teens of fashionable Harajuku Japan. One of my favourite books FRUiTS by internationally renowned photographer and publisher Shoichi Aoki documents young people who combine elements of handmade, secondhand and alternative designer fashion in an innovative ‘DIY’ approach to dressing.

Some of the many styles seen in FRUiTS include punk, cyber and decora, in which simple garments are accessorised with toys and plastic jewellery that clink together to add an aural dimension to dress. Clothing inspired by cartoon characters like Sailor Moon are also popular. In the last couple of years ‘elegant gothic Lolitas’ have had a strong presence in Japan. This style takes Harajuku’s doll-like ‘Lolita’ look into a harder world of black lace crinolines, corsets and bat-shaped handbags.

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