05 Dressing room

05risa-dressingroom-v2.jpgRisa Friedman {Denver, Colorado, US} –
{but room was constructed in Quito, Ecuador
‘I had fun putting together my room. It was challenging, as I do not have a lot of experience with perspective. I tried to make my room very feminine. I was going for a traditional Victorian style room with a few twists. My favorite parts are the screen with the dress hanging and the art work on the walls.’
* Risa’s room is vibrant and feminine (much like her in real life -sassy lady with a big heart). She was also the first to complete with inspiring efficiency and excellent organisation skills; in doing so, have set a high standard for all of us.

11 thoughts on “05 Dressing room

  1. i HAD to be organized as they were do before my big move. at first i was intimidated to get started but it ended up being really fun to complete.
    thank you everyone for your comments! you are all sooooo nice!

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