Thank you!

extras.jpgI hope you enjoyed the ‘house viewing’, do stay for a cup of tea…
Thank you so much for all your response and lovely comments on the project, I’m delighted with the results {bigger images via flickr}.
A special thanks to the participants whose rooms have exceeded all my expectations (every one so beautiful and unique). It’s been exciting seeing the house come together room by room. We had fun with the building terminologies, having gained planning permission, struggled with building materials / size etc, and finally seeing ‘rooms in transit’.
(generous extras received from team-members : butterfly children from ulla, polaroid postcards from maditi, beautiful notecards from risa and anastasia, letter from vanessa, mini-paperdolls / stickers and mags from ismoyo)
*{NB. Amisha‘s dining room is going through crazy ‘alice in wonderland’ perspective problems;
Julie‘s garden is being planted for unveiling 2008 when the weather is more favorable,
we keep our fingers crossed for early next year

9 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. i am sorry that i am so late dear b… thank you for putting this project together and it was so beautiful to see everyone’s room featured here! sending hugs xox

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