07 The Salle de Bain, Bathroom

07corey-bathroom-v2.jpgTongue in Cheek Corey Amaro {Provence, France}
‘The project was the first of anything “craft or artistic” on paper I have ever tried. I found it harder than I imagined. Mainly because of graphic words I did not know, 2D, paper size, etc. Though once started I found it fun. Hope you enjoy your bath, the towels are soft, the water hot, and there are some chocolates in the urn!’
* Although Corey struggled at first with the project, she gave it her best and, the end result is stunning. With her keen eye for antiques, style and composition, I knew she would do a fantastic job (I love that she’d brought a little ‘Continental Europe’ chic into the house).

4 thoughts on “07 The Salle de Bain, Bathroom

  1. Oh this was sooooooo hard to do. It looks so easy, so straight forth…but size and the 2D really threw me. I used images in magazines to help me understand depth and perspective. Thanks for letting me be part of this project, I am glad I finally jumped the hurdle.

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