08 Craft room

08vanessa-craft-v2.jpgVanessa Valencia {Tucson, Arizona}
‘The project was fun. I love doing collage and sitting in a cozy spot to cut fun pictures out. I loved my room. My biggest hurdle was with the size…
(I still don’t know if I got it right. I sure hope so)
All in all, it was fun and it is really wonderful to be a part of this with such an amazing group of women.’
* What I enjoyed most about working on this project was getting to know the ladies better. It was a lot of fun working with Vanessa, she’s a bundle of laughs (and I believe, a perfectionist)…on finding someone to design the Cover for the project, there was no question that Miss Fanciful would be the best candidate, for she holds the key ‘Through the Secret Keyhole‘.

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